Announcing BulletSight!

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Announcing BulletSight!

Post by TeamFenix on Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:37 pm

Team Fenix is proud to officially announce BulletSight, a new neo-futuristic browser-based First-Person-Shooter!

We are a 4-person dev team creating BulletSight in Unity for the WebGL platform. We are in the process of finalizing Version 1.0, and plan to have the Alpha Release out for the public by September 31, 2016.

This Alpha Release will be a preview of the game, including:
   - Several modern & futuristic weapons with which to annihilate your opponents!
   - 3 maps to choose from, including a small shootout arena, a medium assault course, and a large battleground!
   - Military vehicles for transportation across the map and tactical reinforcement!
   - Multiplayer gameplay, server joining, and server creation!

Our plan for BulletSight is unique among game developers: our goal is to make a game that is fun, fair, and free for the community, not to make money.

For this reason, we will not have premium upgrades, items, abilities, perks, or other pay-to-win aspects that other games have. As our community expands, we may introduce advertising to cover server and maintenence costs. As the need arises, we may also add the option to pay real money for cosmetic changes, but these will not provide any in-game advantages.

Future updates will include weapon upgrades, skin customization, a clan system, alternate game modes, server region options, customizable menu languages and HUD layouts, vote kicks, ping limits, chat commands and emotes, more weapons and maps, and many other aspects!

The game will be hosted on this forum for game discussion, suggestions, and trouble-shooting:


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